Our work is based on holistically approaching the problem through a complete check-up.

In practice, this often means that patients and/or athletes who come to us because of pain in one body part end up having them in a completely different one. For instance, a patient might feel knee pain, but the check-up could show that this pain is reflected from the hip or lower back. This is why it’s important to ascertain the cause of the problem, and why we put a lot of focus on removing the cause of the pain.


One of our highly specialized treatments is based on expert and professional knowledge on the abdominal wall treatment. Unfortunately, this problem ranks very high with top athletes today, so many of them have some form of abdominal wall and pelvis ache. These problems mostly arise because of a high level of physical exhaustion, e.g. sports camps, frequent matches or inadequate exercising. They can also occur due to frequent surface changes (combining real and synthetic grass), as well as some biomechanic changes with athletes (pelvis shifting, wrong body posture etc). The treatments are rather complex and often require undergoing multiple segments, but results will definitely show. This can be confirmed by our users, i.e. the 17 professional athletes who were our patients during 2019.


In this process, the client comes to treatments in regular timespans. The treatment depends on the accumulated problems in the body. We determine what these are on the first session, and base the treatment program on that. Upkeeping the body includes massages, muscle cleansing, widening the range of motion and other teatments important for your health (hips, spine, knees, shoulders etc).


Since modern exercising is known to be incredibly intense, we often encounter problems in the pelvis. For most athletes, both professional and recreational, the pelvis sits in anteversion. This means that the pelvis is shifted forward and its upper parts aren’t parallel to the diaphragm, but are positioned forward (snub bottom). In these cases, the athletes (i.e. the patients) often complain about lower back pain. They describe a constant tension in their hamstrings, which is sometimes accompanied by pressure or tension in the lower abdomen. Biomechanic re-change is a method that relaxes tense body parts, which pull the pelvis out of its natural position. We apply a combination of corrective exercises which uphold the correct body position, and this way the athlete can reach their maximum.


Today, every other person suffers from some kind od spinal ache. Considering our way of life, this isn’t that unusual; what is troubling, though, is the low number of people who seek professional help. Our bodies are made for motion – if we do not move enough or take care of ourselves, our muscles fall apart, and that’s when problems surface. The most common problem is back pain, but there are many other forms, like the widely spread muscle hypertension. After a detailed spinal examination, we create a treatment plan based on manual medicine protocols. We specifically target the cause of the problem by using special techniques, and we stop them from coming back in remission.


Includes special manual techniques (Maitland concept, Cyriax and DNS) accompanied by the following tools: IASTM, Dry needling, Flossing, Kinesiotape and INTERX electrotherapy. Depending on your needs, we combine all of the above in order to quickly and professionally solve your problem.


This treatment was developed by our own team, which we have perfected in the last couple of years. It involves cleansing a particular muscle (e.g. the hamstring) or the entire musculature. During the examination, we look for some critical zones or spots which the patients/athletes themselves aren’t even aware of. The reason is mostly fatigue which quickly envelops certain body parts, a feeling of extra weight, and tension while performing a certain movement, which the patients describe as “unable to perform because they lack the range of motion”. These are the by-products of fatigue (lactic acid), various micro-traumas (inflammation mediators) or blows (hematoma) which haven’t been completely treated of drained, and are physically blocking the muscle to reach its maximum potential. The results and benefits of this method are quite efficient and rapidly visible.


A healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of human health, and can be responsible for treating most injuries and illnesses. The human body is designed for consuming plant foods, and if we look at human anatomy, e.g. tooth shapes, we see that they are designed for chewing and grinding plants, just like in other herbivores. The human jaw moves in multiple directions, while the carnivore jaw can move in only two directions: up and down. Also, human intestines are very long and our stomach acid is very mild. On the other hand, the carnivore digestive tract is very short, and their stomach acid is up to 10 times stronger than ours. The human body can digest and combine foods of animal origin, but it is advised to consume them in smaller quantities. The benefits of a plant-based diet are particularly evident with athletes, as Per-Olaf Astrand’s research proves. He concluded that athletes who consume plant foods have better endurance. We offer you individual nutrition counseling services to meet the needs of your body.